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Class Details: 45 Min Music

Class duration: 45 mins
Class size: 14 riders

The Bike Studio delivers a range of stimulating classes between 45 – 60 minutes in duration (please see class schedule) that are aimed at individuals 16+ of all abilities. If between the ages of 16 and 18 years of age you will need to be supervised by an adult at all times.

Qualified instructors lead these classes through a routine that includes a warm up, followed by a main workout and ending with a well deserved cool down period that incorporates stretching.

Our classes involve a single instructor that leads class participants through a number of routines that are each designed to simulate terrain similar to riding a bike outdoors, these include flat roads, up- hill climbs and down- hill descents.

To complete your Bikestudio experience our instructors use music to lead participants through a ride that motivates them to achieve individual fitness goals.

The intensity of the workout is controlled by the individual rider and is determined by three main factors:
  • By changing the resistance.
  • By changing the cadence (the speed at which the pedals turn).
  • By sitting or standing in various positions participants will use different muscles.
Indoor bike classes have proven to be one of the most popular classes on the market and will be of particular interest to those individuals aiming for weight loss, conditioning and or fitness.

If you are a beginner we recommend that you arrive at the your chosen class 5 minutes early and one of our instructors will be pleased to help you set up your bike and answer any questions you might have.