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Wattbikes can be booked up to seven days in advance. Cancellations will be accepted up to 24 hours in advance of a class with no payment penalty. After this period there will be no refund.

If you need to amend or cancel a class please go to the members' area "review bookings" page from where you can cancel any prebooked class.


Good news folks, the eagerly awaited and much talked about NEW WATTBIKES have now landed and look and ride fantastic with redesigned pedals, comfort seats and drop / tri bars there can be no excuses for anything less that 100% effort each and every time. 

Please be advised that the new Wattbikes include 9 Pro-Bikes and 6 Trainer-Bikes, these bikes look identical and can only be distinguished visaully through the descrete badging that can be found on their outer casing. The main difference from a rider perspective is that the gearing on the Trainer-Bike is less than that of the Pro-Bike, and therefore the Trainer-Bike makes an excellent bike of choice for those individuals that are new to the Bikestudio, junior / adolescent riders or those recovering from injury.

- Please do not remove the manufactured pedalsfrom the bikes
- Please do keep hands and feet off the newly painted walls
- Please do not force oversize drink bottles in the carbon bottle cages
- Please do wipe bikes down after use

In order to avoid a "beach towel" type scenario please be informed that unless you are an "elite" exerciser it is not considered absolute that you should always ride a Pro-Bike - should you have any queries about the right bike for you please do not hesitate to ask for the advice and guidance of your class instructor.

MONDAY - 6.30PM - 7.30PM WITH KEV, 8.00PM - 9.00PM WITH DEBS


This 60 minute class is designed for the more competitive individual that would like to measure their performance against that of like minded others and will include flat stages, time trials and medium to high mountain stages.

There will be prizes for class winners measured in time and average watts per kg, however be careful not to incur time penalties for race infringements and poor pedal technique.


60 minute session designed for riders that want to improve their performance and mental ability when things get tough. Each week will be different including hills, endurance, power, sprints, technique and much more. 

A tough session but very beneficial and should be enjoyed! 

WEDNESDAY- 6.00PM - 7.00PM 7.30PM, 9.00PM WITH TWIGG

These 90 minute endurance classes are designed for those individuals that would like to improve their cardiovascular fitness, pedal technique and cadence


45 minute session followed by a block run of around 5k (optional) !!  A great way to introduce you to the joys of a hard session in the saddle followed by a run. 


This 60 minute class is designed for beginners and intermediate individuals that wish to improve their general fitness lose weight and tone up their bodies at the same time.




W/C Sunday 18/02/2018

Please note: Sessions displaying Book Now... Limited Places Left have 4 or fewer spaces remaining.

Saturday 24/02/2018

Saturday 24/02/2018

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16:00 60min NONE 60 Min Open Ride Session (Unsupervised Session)   Book Now...
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