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About the Wattbikes

Watt Bikes at The Bike Studio, for Fitness, Power, Endurance and Speed training.

Your Training Partner

The Bike Studio has chosen the Wattbike as the only indoor bike to be endorsed by British Cycling; developed to replicate the sensation of "real" cycling.

The Wattbike monitors everything you need to know about your cycling and will help you to track progress as your training develops. Whether you are looking to monitor your power output, cadence, heart rate and the effectiveness of your pedalling, there is a measurement parameter for you.

Operating the Wattbike is very easy. Simply sit on the Wattbike, select 'Just ride' from the 'Main menu' and start pedalling. The Wattbike Performance Computer will give immediate cycling feedback. The monitor has a powerful list of features (including: preset workouts, save favourite workouts, Reride against a previous training sessions or cycling analysis) and it is simple to use.

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